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Solve Your Bandwidth Needs.
Broadband at The Speed of Light

Solve Your Bandwidth Needs
Superior Savings
Green Technology
Patented Architecture
Reliable and Secure
Rapidly Deployable
  Satisfy your thirst for Bandwidth -- SKYFIBER™ Next Generation equipment delivers high-speed connectivity at up to 1.25 Gbps.

Future upgrades will push the throughput even further, to 2.5 Gbps and then 10 Gbps. SKYFIBER’s Optical Wireless Broadband technology delivers big bandwidth and big pipes to keep your critical data flowing freely, eliminating the frustration of slow data speed connections.

Get the Broadband connectivity your enterprise craves and get it fast – SKYFIBER’s Optical Wireless Broadband can be deployed in a matter of hours, not the months required for RF or Fiber technologies.

Contact us now to find out how SKYFIBER can solve your broadband needs today.

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