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SKYFIBER Delivers Carrier Grade Reliability

Solve Your Bandwidth Needs
Superior Savings
Green Technology
Patented Architecture
Reliable and Secure
Rapidly Deployable
  What good is high-speed high-capacity bandwidth if you cannot depend on its reliability?

SKYFIBER understands the importance of ensuring constant data rates and integrity, and has employed cutting edge technology in its Next Generation Optical Wireless Broadband products to ensure Carrier Grade Reliability. Proprietary technology and delivery methodology allows us to go farther with more capacity in the Rain, Fog and Snow than any of our competitors.

Higher transmit power, higher coding gain via Forward Error Correction, and Auto Alignment to actively monitor signal integrity are just a few of the features in SKYFIBER’s solutions that ensure high reliability data delivery.

Contact us now to find out how SKYFIBER can solve your broadband needs today.

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