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SKYFIBER is Green Technology at it's Best

Solve Your Bandwidth Needs
Superior Savings
Green Technology
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Rapidly Deployable
  When it SKYFIBER’s Optical Wireless Broadband is environmentally friendly in a myriad of ways, and far better than current traditional transmission technology.

It generates none of the RF pollution that comes with Microwave RF, and to deliver the speeds that SKYFIBER delivers RF devices require up to 3 times as much power. SKYFIBER’s OWB does not require the environmentally devastating trenching that is required to install fiber, using heavy machines with large carbon footprints to tear up the ground.

Our solutions are modular, portable, and upgradable, allowing re-use as needs change, instead of having to throw away obsolete RF or Fiber equipment. Find out how SKYFIBER can provide the Broadband you need, while keeping you green.

Contact us now to find out how SKYFIBER can solve your broadband needs today.

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