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Solutions Literature
Providing Broadband connectivity to constituents allows municipalities to attract new business, increase tourism, improve public safety, provide new services to residents, and can also be a revenue generator. Today’s local governments are looking to provide access to as many consumers and businesses as possible, as investing in Broadband offers undisputable job creation benefits by enabling new consumer and business behaviors, functionality, and downstream industries.
Why Do I Need It?
The challenge for Municipalities and other local government entities is how to ensure delivery of this Broadband access for their citizens at low cost and in a timely manner. SKYFIBER™ Optical Wireless Broadband (OWB) products deliver on this critical need by delivering high bandwidth at low cost, with high reliability and rapid deployment, so Municipalities can start immediately providing service and/or generating revenue. Alternative solutions such as fiber or microwave RF are far more expensive, capital intensive, environmentally invasive, and fraught with red tape due to FCC licensing, right-of-way issues for trenching, and other time consuming obstacles.
Key Advantages
High speed broadband connectivity at 1.25 Gbps (click here for more information)

Lowest cost per megabyte in the industry (click here for more information)

Rapid Installation in a little as a few hours, no licensing delays (click here for more information)

Exclusive Mesh Architecture (click here for more information)

Exceptional Security & Reliability (click here for more information)

Modular &  extremely portable due to small size (click here for more information)

No RF Smog and low power consumption (click here for more information)
What Do I Need?
SKYFIBER’s product portfolio empowers municipalities to address these important strategic initiatives that are absolutely critical for a community’s success and long term growth. SKYFIBER Optical Wireless Broadband solution is the lowest cost, highest capacity offering in the industry, enabling municipalities to easily deploy high-performance citywide networks that are cost-effective and flexible, and that deliver mission-critical reliability for vital public services and all other aspects of local government and municipal operations.
How Can I Buy It?
Telephone. +1 979 775 5200
Fax: +1 979 775 5205
Toll Free: +1 877 SKYFIBER

Or email us at: sales@skyfiber.com

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