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The fundamental security of our networks is more important today than at any other time in history. Built on the most inherently secure technology in the industry, SKYFIBER’s Optical Wireless Broadband is virtually impenetrable. Unlike RF links, highly secure Optical Wireless links cannot be detected outside the beam. SKYFIBER provides the most secure means for organizations to deploy high capacity transmissions to multiple facilities, along with the added benefit of short implementation times and the elimination of public carrier data line charges.
Why Do I Need It?
Using a narrow beam of invisible light rather than a radio broadcast to transmit data, SKYFIBER’s Optical Wireless Broadband is the most secure way possible to transmit data. It does not interfere with radio, television, microwave or emergency frequencies even when thousands of OWB beams are concentrated in a small area, and eliminates the potential for “data bleed” that would put the privacy of information at risk. Microwave RF, In-ground Fiber Optics, and Cellular technologies all face significant issues with maintaining the security of data; including susceptibility to interception as well as vulnerability to jamming of transmission signals.
Key Advantages
High speed broadband connectivity at 1.25 Gbps (click here for more information)

Lowest cost per megabyte in the industry (click here for more information)

Rapid Installation in a little as a few hours, no licensing delays (click here for more information)

Exclusive Mesh Architecture (click here for more information)

Exceptional Security & Reliability (click here for more information)

Modular &  extremely portable due to small size (click here for more information)

No RF Smog and low power consumption (click here for more information)
What Do I Need?
Currently in use by the Department of Defense, SKYFIBER ‘s Optical Wireless Broadband solution is the most secure method of broadband communications available today. And with SKYFIBER’s exclusive patent on OWB Mesh Architecture, our customers can deploy highly secure Optical Wireless Broadband mesh networks to spread communications over larger areas in bases, campuses, or cities.
How Can I Buy It?
Telephone. +1 979 775 5200
Fax: +1 979 775 5205
Toll Free: +1 877 SKYFIBER

Or email us at: sales@skyfiber.com

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