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In disaster recovery situations, the ability to rapidly deploy communications between emergency responders saves valuable time as well as human lives. SKYFIBER’s Optical Wireless Broadband can be installed immediately to restore high-speed network connectivity within hours after a man-made or natural disaster occurs. In situations where buildings and network infrastructure have been destroyed, a network consisting of optical links can be put in place without delay to restore Broadband connectivity for LANs and other mission critical networks.
Why Do I Need It?
SKYFIBER’s Optical Wireless Broadband provides a rapidly deployable, portable and modular solution specially suited to Disaster Recovery Scenarios. Broadband connectivity can be provided in a few hours - rather than the weeks, months or, in some cases, years needed by other technologies. The fiber-less implementation also means that even in areas with extensive damage, SKYFIBER can be deployed without being impacted by flood, hurricane, or other aftermath damage.
Key Advantages
High speed broadband connectivity at 1.25 Gbps (click here for more information)

Lowest cost per megabyte in the industry (click here for more information)

Rapid Installation in a little as a few hours, no licensing delays (click here for more information)

Exclusive Mesh Architecture (click here for more information)

Exceptional Security & Reliability (click here for more information)

Modular &  extremely portable due to small size (click here for more information)

No RF Smog and low power consumption (click here for more information)
What Do I Need?
An entire SKYFIBER system can fit inside a suitcase and can be deployed at a moment’s notice. Government or municipal authorities and disaster response personnel can easily tap into existing fiber networks to wirelessly connect remote deployment locations, activating data connections essential for supporting vital assistance resources. Also, links can be easily relocated to changing emergency command posts.
How Can I Buy It?
Telephone. +1 979 775 5200
Fax: +1 979 775 5205
Toll Free: +1 877 SKYFIBER

Or email us at: sales@skyfiber.com

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