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Project Inkwell
Friday Harbor, Washington
September 9, 2009
Project Inkwell Mission Statement
The goal of SNS Project Inkwell® is to accelerate the deployment of appropriate technologies onto K-12 desktops worldwide. Project Inkwell is developing international standards for pre-university teaching and learning. Having now defined version 1.0 of the minimal technical requirements for an Inkwell learning device, we are moving to incorporate additional advance technology in version 2.0, even as we set standards for servers, infrastructure, teacher professional development, software, and business models.

Listen to Inkwell CEO Mark Anderson discuss Project Inkwell with KPLU's Dave Meyer

View the Inkwell Functional Requirements for Student Devices Version 1.0
View the Inkwell Membership Agreement
Read The New Education Century by Kosmo Kalliarekos, Chair, Project Inkwell Business Model Domain.
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