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State of Texas Department of Information Resources
SKYFIBER offers Optical Wireless Broadband to Texas governmental and public educational entities through DIR’s Texas Agency Network (TEX-AN) Next Generation Program. The TEX-AN Next Generation Program governs and facilitates the state’s infrastructure for communications technology services, including both networks and equipment. This program oversees the delivery of over 5,700 broadband circuits to over 700 cities, municipalities, state agencies, schools, universities, and assistance organizations across Texas.

SKYFIBER's Optical Wireless Broadband is an innovative technology that provides high-capacity Broadband communications by transmitting a modulated beam of infrared light through the atmosphere. Operating in the Terahertz portion of the electro-magnetic spectrum, the beam of light is focused on a receiving lens connected to a high sensitivity receiver through an optical fiber. Today OWB can transmit voice, video and data at speeds up to 1.25 Gbps, and in the future will top speeds of 10 Gbps -- more than 8,000 times the capacity of a traditional "high speed" connection such as DSL.
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DIR TEX-AN Next Generation Program

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