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Port of Brownsville | Homeland Security
Brownsville, Texas

Customer's Need
Keeping our ports safe is a critical part of Homeland Security, and the Port of Brownsville needed to implement a camera security system to allow authorities to monitor incoming vessels over great distances. Setting up this kind of system required the transmission of large amounts of data from high capacity cameras back to base, and the overall solution needed to be reliable, secure, and economical.
The SKYFIBER™ Solution
SkyFiber's SkyLINK solution provides 1.25 Gigabits of bandwidth capable of handling the type of high-capacity data transfer this customer needed. Additionally, SKYFIBER’s Optical Wireless Broadband offered a far better cost per Gigabit than other competing technologies. Even more importantly, Optical Wireless Broadband is far more secure than technologies like Microwave RF that’s vulnerable to signal jamming and eavesdropping.
Our Customer's Success
Our Solution allowed the Port of Brownsville to increase their level of security significantly with minimal cost. Rapid deployment and no RF licensing requirements allowed the Port to get top-level security in place swiftly. The SKYFIBER network can be easily and quickly upgraded or expanded to meet the future needs of the Port as they continue to grow.
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