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Founded in 1996, SkyFiber, Inc. delivers patented Optical Wireless Broadband networking products that address the rapidly growing global requirements for fast, secure, and affordable high capacity wireless networking solutions.
SKYFIBER™ is a privately held corporation of 50+ employees, with offices in Bryan, TX, Dallas, TX, and a partner network that spans the globe. SKYFIBER solutions can economically augment or replace traditional fiber optic and microwave technologies to meet customer needs for wireless backhaul, enterprise and campus area networks, last-mile extension, private data networks, emergency response networks, and a variety of revenue generating opportunities for municipalities. SKYFIBER markets their solutions in the Enterprise and Telecommunications global markets, and is expanding market penetration by developing strategic partnerships to identify referral opportunities and to provide implementation services.
Quick Company Facts

SkyFiber’s Mission is to accelerate the expansion of global broadband coverage through large-scale deployment of Optical Wireless Broadband technology. Optical Wireless Broadband (OWB) technology is the next-generation of last century’s Free Space Optics (FSO) technology. By combining FSO with SKYFIBER’s rich patent portfolio and technological innovations, an entirely new and more reliable technology has been created.

The Company holds an extensive portfolio of patents that significantly differentiates its products and services from all other competitors in the market. Most notable is the landmark patent, successfully defended in federal court, for the use of Optical Wireless Broadband (OWB) in a mesh (point-to-multipoint, or P2MP) network environment. The result of this patent award is that no other provider can effectively deliver a mesh network using Optical Wireless technology. These unique design advancements enable SKYFIBER to deliver carrier-grade reliability unmatched by our competitors.

SKYFIBER’s Solutions have many key advantages that deliver significant value to our customers:
Massive Bandwidth: Speeds up to 1.25Gbps, with future upgrades to 2.5 & 10 Gbps.
Rapid Deployment: SKYFIBER’s ease of deployment puts it in a class by itself. Microwave RF can take 3 to 6 months to acquire permits, purchase licenses, and install equipment. Deploying Fiber Optic systems can consume up to a year of lost profits due to permits and costly construction. In contrast, SKYFIBER’s OWB system can be deployed in a matter of hours, with no need for frequency licensing or time-consuming and expensive trenching.
Maximum Security: SKYFIBER’s Optical Wireless Broadband technology is not susceptible to the interference and security issues that make RF communications so vulnerable, nor can it be compromised through a physical tap, unlike fiber optic cables.
Reliability & Confidence: SKYFIBER’s expert-designed network solutions provide carrier-grade reliability. The patent-pending Rapid-Tracking and Active-Tracking technologies ensure constant beam alignment.
Compact & Portable: SKYFIBER’s small size means that not only is in un-obtrusive, but can be easily re-deployed to other locations as your needs change.
Low Environmental Impact: SKYFIBER’s solutions require minimal to zero footprint, have low power consumption, and do not cause RF pollution like Microwave RF and other wireless radio delivery systems. Unlike Fiber Optics, SKYFIBER doesn’t require environmentally invasive trenches to be dug that generate noise, pollution and excessive carbon footprints.

Today we are seeing unprecedented demands for greater capacity, faster speeds, and higher quality broadband coverage to support the proliferation of voice, data and video content in both wired and mobile enterprises.

SKYFIBER™ was founded on the belief that this demand for bandwidth will continue to expand rapidly, and to meet that demand both the cost of deployment and the time required to deploy must decrease significantly. By offering solutions to address exactly these conditions, SKYFIBER endeavors to have a positive impact on the expansion of the telecommunications industry, as well as in aiding the development efforts of emerging and underserved populations.

The global demand for economical, highly secure Broadband at Gigabit speeds is greater than ever, and SKYFIBER is poised to meet that demand by providing Optical Wireless Broadband to connect the world.

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